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Deals and coupons on September at Focal Price

Several promotions and coupons are offered on September at Focal Price.

September at Focal Price

Exclusive offers on electronics, tablets, networking items and many other products:

  • 6% off $35+ Sitewide with code SEPSAVE
  • Save $10 over $100 all Tablet PC with code SEPPCF
  • 10% OFF all Networking items with code SEPNET
  • 16% Off all topsellers with code FPSEPPRO
  • 10% off Consumer Electronics with code SEPELE

Check out, special deals every day:

  • 16% off LED Flashing Shoelaces with coupon FPSEPPRO
  •  8% Off Ainol Android 4.0.3 Tablet with coupon SEP076X
  •  16% off iPhone/iPad Control Toy with coupon FPSEPPRO
  • 16% off Stylsih Dial Wrist Watch with coupon FPSEPPRO
  • 14% off Android 4.0.3 Tablet PC with coupon SEP127X
  • 16% off Earphone for iPhone with coupon FPSEPPRO
  • 5% off Android 4.09 Smartphone with coupon SEP300B

Offer ends 9/30. Don’t miss the opportunity, check out Focal Price webstore.